Minimalist Style with the Nodus Collection of Wallets

Nodus offers fine leather wallets in traditional colors with modern, minimalist design that will last for years.
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I like my wallets to be stylish and well crafted with a touch of something special about them. My current one was a birthday gift from Coach but it’s a bit bulky and I’m starting to feel a little like George Costanza from Seinfeld. My wallet has served me well but it may be time for a new one.

As I searched for new ones I learned of the Nodus Collection which offers well-crafted leather goods including compact wallets, slim wallets, cases for iPhones and iPads, and leather shells for your iPhone. The Nodus Collection has a minimalist feel so you won’t find anything bulky.

As I perused the collection of wallets I thought about the joys I would have with a thinner, more slim pocket. The fact these wallets are handcrafted and have traditional colors with a modern design is also attractive. Each wallet is made from fine, ethically sourced and sustainably made full grain vegetable tanned Italian leathers. This tells me the leather is going to be high quality and it should last for years.

The Hifold Wallet

Hifold Wallet

Currently retailing for $86.07 the Hifold Wallet has four color options: chestnut brown, ebony black, dark teal, and taupe grey. Be sure to read about the availability of colors as not all were listed as in stock at the time of this posting. Fits 4-13 cards plus flat notes and a key! RFID blocking protects all inner cards from ‘skimming’, while a single RFID enabled slot hidden in the note sleeve allows quick and convenient contactless payments through the wallet without the fear of ‘Card Clash’.

The minimal amount of material between cards allows the Hifold to keep a slim profile. It features 4 slots for your most commonly used cards, a pull tab pocket for lesser used cards and the space for a spare key.

The Compact Wallet

Compact Wallets

Retailing for $67.62, the Compact Wallet also has RFID blocking. It protects up to 8 cards, in a handy pull tab pocket, from ‘skimming’ on one side, and offers 2 unblocked slots on the other so you can make quick contactless payments without having to remove the card.

A central pocket opens along 2 edges to give easy access to notes or bills (and overflow cards) and this style also even features a space for a spare key. Color options also include chestnut brown, ebony black, dark teal, and taupe grey.

Compact 4 Card

RFID blocking is also included on the Compact 4 Card so it protects on one side from ‘skimming’ while the other side is enabled for contactless quick payments without having to remove the card from the wallet.

The Compact 4 Card is a minimalist’s version of the Compact Wallet with an ultra slim profile. It offers a central pocket that opens along two edges to give easy access to notes or bills (or overflow cards) and again, there is even a feature for storing a spare key. It currently retails for $55.33.

Shipping to North America

Based in the UK, prices are based on the pound sterling. They ship worldwide and they say to expect in stock items in 5-7 working days if in North America. Items are shipped Royal Mail International Tracked/Signed. Buyers have 14 days to return items.

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