Missy Elliott Releases an Electric New Track, ‘I’m Better.”

"I love the video and the beat, but the flow seems like the shitty rap style that Future and Desiigner popularized and I hear everywhere. I hope any other tracks she drops don't sound like this." - YouTube User ErosAtelier

At three in the morning, you never know what you might find on the internet. They usually say nothing good happens after midnight and often that is the case but not this time around. Relentless and unable to sleep, I do what most of us do, check Facebook and the first thing in my feed was a post from the phenomenal Missy Elliot announcing a new single.

New music from Missy Elliot, is this real? My initial reaction was disbelief. Artists nowadays tease the hell out of a single or video before the actual release. However, to my delight; in old fashion Missy Elliott fashion, she drops a single with a banging new video. Those of us who are die-hard Missy fans know why her return is so important right about now.

We need artists like Missy Elliott in the era of Trump. Missy’s music and videos often reflect the current state of the world. Missy has something to say, and I am ready to listen. Her lyrics and videos speak volumes, are entertaining, and leave you talking about her, the music and the videos.

Missy Elliott has produced the most innovative and iconic videos which are why I was thrilled when I found out the video was not a teaser. It was the full video and to be honest, I’ve watched several times already.

I was a little disappointed when I first heard the song, I was hoping for a dance track. Missy has been in the rap game for a while and did not have to conform to the current standards in rap, and a handful of Facebookers agree it’s not original enough. Scanning through comments on YouTube some say it sounds too much like Desiigner and Future.

YouTube user ErosAtelier writes, “I love the video and the beat, but the flow seems like the shitty rap style that Future and Desiigner popularized and I hear everywhere. I hope any other tracks she drops don’t sound like this.”

I agree somewhat with ErosAtelier but still, think this is a fresh new sound for Missy, and it’s electric; I like it. She is a pro and raps like no-one else; she’s ‘better’ than most rappers nowadays. Missy’s music requires a few listens before you can appreciate it. When she dropped, “WTF (Where They From)”; I wasn’t impressed, but after awhile I could not stop listening to it, and now it’s one of my favorite songs.

When it comes to making sickening videos, Missy is an artist who never disappoints, and videos often have subliminal messages. If you don’t watch carefully, you’ll miss it. “Save the Humans” on her jacket is why I love her, her social conscience symbols are always right on time, and with the demise of our government, we need artists like Missy who push the envelope. Like in the video, the USA is under water right now (drowning) and being hung.

Missy is back, and she’s right on time. Although, I do hope the next single and video is something I can dance too. Missy’s dance tracks are some of my favorites, and I want more like the new Janet Jackson and Missy single, Burnitup.

Our Sr. Music Contributing Music Writer, DJ Relentless, “I keep wanting Missy Elliott to come back with a great party track. Unfortunately, her new single is not that.”

DJ Relentless waved his musical magic wand over the track and give it a little makeover. What do you think of his version?


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