New World Order: Trump Wins The Election (Exclusive Music Mix)

He didn't believe it could ever happen but, here we are. DJ Relentless gives us an exclusive mix to acknowledge President Trump.

I know that there are plenty of U.S. citizens who are cheering and applauding this day….I am not one of them. It is said that sometimes you have to hit “rock bottom” in order to realize that you need to change your ways. Well, I guess America has taken a few steps backwards by electing Donald Trump. This “see some evil, listen to evil and do nothing about the evil” mentality has taken over the country. Finally FOX’s Tea Party has taken the White House. For without all the ignorant racists who felt like they were losing their country to a bunch of immigrants and people of color Donald Trump could not have won this election.

It took me about two days to actually do this mix. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just didn’t want to believe that this could happen….but here we are.

So, I dug deep into my collection and started picking out songs that I felt represented President Trump. Up first is a classic Rock song, “Cult Of Personality” by Living Colour. The title and lyrics pretty much sum up Trump’s rise to the office. Like Hitler he caught the modern political world off guard and took it over.

Over and over again during his candidacy, we all thought his words and actions would trip him up. When the “Pussy-Gate” scandal was leaked by NBC it finally looked like his own words had took him down. So, naturally I found a YouTube track called “Make America Grab ‘Em By The Pussy”.

But we underestimated how deep money was in this election. We were not counting on the FBI to drop an email bomb shell on Hillary right before election day. Just a hint that there might be something illegal or treasonous on Anthony Wiener’s computer brought her down. And while Trump cried about the media being bias he really was bargaining with the Republican party to “show him love”. I felt a transitional mix from “Show Me” by Kid Ink into “Show Me Love” by Robin S. kinda told this part of the story.

Now, with a title like “Together” you would think that The Deepshakerz were aiming for an anthem of unity. Instead this track has a sample of distain and regret. Perfect for a Trump victory.

I started thinking about that ridiculous hair that Trump sports everywhere. He’s still trying to carry that style he wore when he hung out at Studio 54 with noted homosexual owner, Steve Rubell. Being a product of the 80s and “Reaganomics”, this idiot never changed his ways or his hair. So, I dug up Ranny & Bryan Reyes Club Mix of “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith.

Trump’s campaign, in my opinion started the Sunday night that Obama interrupted “The Apprentice” finale to announce that he had killed Bin Laden. Trump’s ego was trampled on and I believe he decided right then and there he was going to really do it. I talk about affirmations all the time and he basically did them over and over again during his campaign. No matter what he was caught doing or called out on his “Vanity” definitely was sung by Christina Aguilera.

You can always tell when a true racist is speaking his truth. How many times did Trump offend a minority to gain even more support? And then I thought about all of the rappers he befriended over the years just so he could say that he had “black friends”. He would never let Ivanka date one! He would never say “Look at my African-American son-in-law”. So I remixed “Conceited” by Remy Ma.

Some of the songs I picked for this mix were simply for the title alone. “Grow Up” by Olly Murs was one of them. The lyrics mention about stop being immature and listening and watching Trump bully his way through the primaries really showed what a “whiny little bitch” he was (as Bill Maher would say).

And his flip-flopping on issues and his “wall” really showed how “Fake” he was. So, I dug up the classic Alexander O’Neal track to prove my point.

Another track that caught my eye was “Malice In Wonderland” by Victoria Monet & Roulsen. This title pretty much sums up what I feel about the United States right now.

Watching the results come in definitely brought back memories of how Trump started his rhetoric for his campaign by attacking Mexicans. So, I added his words to a track called “Lost Tonight” by Juanito Andy Rojas featuring Lisa Williams.

Bombs Away has a one minute and change video on YouTube showing how they took Trump’s words and re-arranged his words to make this funny song, “China All The Time”. I took that video and extended it for this mix.

During the debates, Trump kept using the word “Bigly”. I was surprised to find that it is actually a world but it just sounds ridiculous (especially from someone like him who appears to have a very limited vocabulary). So, some producer who calls himself Presidential Blitz made a one minute Techno track and put it on YouTube. I slowed it down to Club speed and extended it for this mix.

As the final results were coming in and Hillary not gaving her concession speech, all I heard in my head was the Tough Love Remix of “All Goes Wrong” by Chase & Status.

I just wanted to scream and curse! So, I dug up the MK Dub of “Queenie” by Ethyl Meatplow. The explicative chant felt good.

But the whole thing left me thinking “What’s Going On?” How could this have happened? These folks who actually went out and elected this man really believe that he has their best interest in mind? This narcissistic asshole who had Hillary Clinton at his wedding, was interviewed in front of cameras praising her as a “smart woman and politician” and completely out of touch with the common man’s life is now the president of the United States.

Donald Trump is the poor man’s idea of what a “rich man” looks like. This is how he got elected. The obsession with other people’s wealth took him all the way….branding. Trump is a product of our times. He sold his lies to the public and they bought it hook, line, and sinker.

And for that I had to close out with a Jimmy Buffet classic, “The Asshole Song”. I’m sure the good ol’ boys who complained about Beyonce performing at the CMAs are very familiar with this one. This song sums up Trump and his supporters completely.


Sr. Music Contributing Writer - A disc jockey since 1980, DJ Relentless has a career that has spanned from local dive bars to major club venues all over the United States, Amsterdam, the Dominican Republic and Toronto.

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