Nile Rodgers & Tony Moran Feat. Kimberly Davis – “My Fire”

“I love Kim's dedication to getting every possible emotion out of a song. Many people have a tendency to underestimate the message of songs that get you on the dance floor; not Kim. She is a true storyteller and artist. She makes you feel a song." - Rodgers

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When you put Nile Rodgers, Tony Moran together and the voice of an angel like Kimberly Davis, you get a dance track that is on fire.

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you have no clue who Nile Rogers is, but he’s a musical living legend. His recent collaboration with Tony Moran is a mixture of disco and funk with a modern edge

Tony writes, “Nile was the founder of CHIC and went on to create some of the most progressive and popular songs of the Disco era.

He has continued for several decades, producing countless hits for artists ranging from Diana Ross to Daft Punk. And the man’s fire is still blazing! Blessed with the power of his legendary guitar, ‘The Hitmaker,’ he is as gracious as he is talented. It’s been an honor to be his collaborator.”

Kimberly Davis’s vocals are powerful, and the lyrics are great; it’s a good dance song, and we think everyone should be listening in.

“The flame is burning, just waiting to be fanned,” Davis said in a statement. “I hope our song makes people feel good, as though they’re in the middle of a party, letting go and having fun.”


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