Colombia’s First Adult Studio, ‘A PELO FILMS’ Launches

"We made a call and our current cameraman arrived, Edward Murillo who came with fresh ideas and the experience that he left working in Europe for recognized production houses."
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When Camilo Guerrero, a young man from Bogotá, decided to start in Colombia a somewhat outlandish idea as an adult entertainment producer, he had absolutely nothing, just an idea and the dream of turning that crazy thought into a reality. That’s how on August 2, 2016, A PELO FILMS was born with the idea of being the largest gay / bareback porn producer in Latin America. In fact, they were already the first in Colombia, a certainty that its founder had. In Colombia, porn has been made for the hetero public for many years, but there hasn’t been gay porn with 100% Colombian people, with Hispanic boys. Would it be an advantage, a disadvantage?.

Without having much knowledge about the industry Camilo began to investigate. He armed himself with patience and began to look for what types of content people consume. As the saying goes “I want to give people what they want to see” with a focus on the original idea, offer bareback porn, one of the most appetizing within the industry. He began to put together a business and investment plan to attract capital, there were ups and downs, serious proposals and false proposals, but he never gave up on his search, hand in hand with his partner whom we will maintain anonymously because he wants a low profile.

It was funny, he says, “he initially ran for an improvised casting we had planned to do,” and after a series of problems with who was interested in society at that time, he entered as the lifeline of this project. “The idea he liked from the beginning and that’s why he risked investing,” offering content for public GAY, bareback, with real Hispanic guys and with a porn career. Focused on the amateur and through social networks was something that immediately attracted the desire to bet on the project. We see this as the opportunity to revolutionize porn and put aside the stereotype of model boys, we believe that this is a way of empowering the common man, that also enjoys sex and that in a certain way has the dream of seeing himself starring in the fantasies of other men. It has not been easy, we had to look for a lot of help, advice for the legal assembly, for the pre-contracts and the requirements for the models, for the design of our web portal, etc.

We have found the right people at the right time and that has been a fortune, after having failed with our first cameraman in a casting. We arrived on set with great enthusiasm and we did not have the expected result. We made a call and our current cameraman arrived, Edward Murillo who came with fresh ideas and the experience that he left working in Europe for recognized production houses.

Finally, after almost a year and a half, with some recognition in social networks (11,000 followers approximately) and after having received much advice and suggestions we came to realize our first shoot. We were all very excited, Camilo would be the one who would direct that first scene, that moment they had expected so much. And so much work had been done, there were inconveniences on many occasions. One of the models confirmed for the shooting gave up a week before. We had to get a replacement and we started to look. The project has awakened both the curiosity and the desire of people in Colombia so much so that we have received hundreds of requests from guys from all over the country, and from several countries in Latin America, even guys with experience in the industry have expressed their desire to work for us.

The road has been long and it will be difficult, we know, but we are the first ones who risked doing something like this in a highly conservative and prejudiced Latin country. We are realistic and the work that comes is arduous, but we are sure that we will achieve the goal of being the best in Latin America and one of the most recognized producers in the world. After all, as our slogan says in A PELO FILMS #NosVenimosConTodo

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