Premium Blend Whiskey: The Gold Bar Rush of 2018

Talk About Rich and Smooth. You can Take that to the bank. - Maxim

Do you have the stock market blues?

Yes, the DOW might be dropping, but there is nothing you can do about it. However, we all know you just want to drown your sorrows in a bath of liquor, and we can’t blame you! Honestly, that’s not our first choice, but if you must, we have something that will make you feel good inside and out. Hell, you might even start investing in Gold because after you find out what we have in-store for you, it will feel like the California Gold Rush which began on January 24, 1848.

Did you know that James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California found gold? The news of gold brought some 300,000 people to California from the rest of the United States and abroad. With those numbers, it’s no wonder why we are investing in the ‘The Gold Bar,’ and no, we’re not talking about commodities, we’re speaking Whiskey.

‘The Gold Bar’ finished in CALIFORNIA CASKS is a modern classic, with a smooth and approachable taste. Really!?, of course, it does. Who in their right mind would not approach stacks of gold. If you find that person, let us know so we can slap them.

Damn, we’ve been so focused on the gold part, that we forgot the most critical element, ‘The Gold Bar’ is Double Gold Award-winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Made of 88% Corn, 9% Rye, 3% Barley, and craved in California, the good old USA.

The tastings notes are exquisite to the tongue and give you a taste of elegance with every sip. From the appearance (Golden-Amber-Honey, Amora (Spice, Apple, & Rye), the finish (smooth and balanced with no roughness or bitterness), and lastly the taste (starts with spice and apples with citrus balanced off with honey), damn, doesn’t that sound divine?

Yes, the bottle is fancy and looks good, but for any Kinkster, the taste is what matters, and we are confident you’ll ask for more, the perfect Whiskey for all occasions. Below are some recipes to kick off your Blue-Chip investment in gold, and the bottle is something you would want to keep forever.

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