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Although it might be hot in the bedroom, sweating in public is not a good look. Here are some product tips for preventing sweating.
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Summer has its benefits, but it’s also the worst time of year for those who break out into a sweat for no apparent reason. Those of us who live in NYC and are underground in the grimy, hot subway system a lot understand this. The subway stations in the summer are like saunas.

Sweating is not a good look when you appear at your date, walk into a bar or restaurant, or get to the office. I sweat so much I decided to Google the reasons why one person sweats more than another. The list of reasons left me feeling clammy and sweaty. However, during my search, I found a few grooming products to help say goodbye to sweaty pits (although that could be hot in the bedroom).

If you suffer from dripping armpits, consider using clinical strength antiperspirant wipes. Wipes that contain an aluminum chloride formula will keep you sweat-free for 5-days. For the best results, it is suggested to apply before bed; sweat glands are less active when you’re sleeping.

In addition to the wipes, it is suggested to use a prescription-strength deodorant to help fight against underarm odor.

I haven’t used it, but Dove (Men+Care) all-over body spray deodorant/antiperspirant is a dry formula that targets sweaty parts of the body. It’s best to use this product once you’re dry after a shower.

African-American men are prone to have dry skin in the summer, what some refer to as, ashy skin. The quickest and easiest solution for ashy skin is to apply lotion. Without thinking about it, I apply it but regret it immediately after I hit the sun. It’s important to understand that oil-based lotions increase sweating especially in the summer.

Regardless of the season, most African-American men have to moisturize, so I highly recommend using an antiperspirant hand lotion or a shine-free moisturizer during the summer months. Kiehl’s has an Oil Eliminator that will hydrate your face and absorb sweat. Products like Carpe lotion are also excellent for moisturizing and reducing sweating caused by most lotions.

It is no secret, when in the sun, you have to protect your skin. Sunscreen is a necessary, but from my experience picking the wrong sunscreen will have you plagued and laying in a pool of your sweat. It’s also the reason it’s important to choose a sunscreen that is sweat-resistant. Make sure it’s a lightweight formula.

Most likely, you’re wearing sandals or flip-flops all summer but on those days you’re required to wear shoes or sneakers, sweaty feet if not taken care of can create nasty and unbearable odors for anyone to tolerate. I have used Gold Bond to help absorb moisture.


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