‘Racism in Gay Dating?!?’ Will it Ever Go Away?

"As an African-American racism didn’t slap me in the face until my 30s. For most of my adolescence, my mother shielded me from racism." - Corey Wesley

As an African-American Black Gay male, I have experienced “I don’t date black men” or even worse, I’ve seen dozens of profiles with “NO BLACKS” plastered on them, and it is true, white gay men (NOT ALL), will defend their right to post that on their profiles because it’s their so-called, “preference.”  In addition to watching this information and spot-on video, check out my article Closeted-Discrimination Within The Gay Community!

When it comes to dating the word “preferences” is often used to mask discrimination and sadly, this kind of dating racism isn’t just for straight people! So how does racism manifest in the world of gay dating apps and LGBTQ relationships?

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Special Thanks to Dylan Marron

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