Remember & Reflect: My Life in Songs

"For many it is fun to reminisce about good times from the past, but the song's narrative paints a melancholy portrait of people living their lives through their memories."
Inspiration Music

A year-end ritual of mine is to listen to my favorite empowering songs. These songs are from the good and bad of my life. Each song has a special meaning in my life. When I listen to them I am reminded of the periods in my life when I was either on top of the world or was searching for answers to help me out of depression.

When I hear them I cry, smile or laugh but I am ultimately smiling because regardless of what I might think or feel, I realize I’ve come a long way. I’m doing something right because although life has thrown me some curve balls for a few years, this year is ending with so much possibility.

“Someday” by Esnavi helped change the course of my life. When I hear this song I recall acknowledging to myself that Crystal Meth was destroying my state of being. It’s the song that kicked off my journey to be a better version of myself.  “Someday,” (Song #1) had me crying for an entire year, it’s also when I decided to use music to journal my life and to help me reflect annually.  I am still a work in process, but if you listen to each song in order, you’ll hear the process and growth.

The end of the year is the time to look back, reflect, cry, and laugh. But it’s also the time for you to re-commit to yourself and your dreams and goals that might have slipped out of sight. And if there is something you’re not happy with in your life when the clock strikes midnight, the slate is not clear, you have another 365 days to create progress or change.

During my journey, I’ve learned that we are not perfect. You can be a better version of yourself starting January 1st, and it’s the time to shake the negative thoughts about yourself from the past year.

Each song has made me cry, dance, smile. They have also given me encouragement to believe in myself. They also remind and reveal the truth I’ve progressed whether I believe it or not. I have matured, believe in a better tomorrow, and am grateful and humbled by the many experiences, people, and music that have given me the foundation to be a better version of myself.

Listening to the following songs at the end of the year, for me, represents the last nine years of my life; good, bad and indifferent. The lyrics to each song have encouraged me to dust myself off and have helped me keep it moving. As you listen to each one, I hope each song does the same for you.

Song 10: DJ Snake, Lauv – A Different Way

Song #9: Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Your Spirit ft. Kierra Sheard

Song #8: The Walls Group – My Life

Song #7: kirstin – Break A Little

Song #6: Fantasia – Necessary (Live on Joyful Noise)

Song #5: LeToya Luckett – Used To

Song #4: Fantasia – “Lose To Win”

Song #3: R. Kelly – Prayer Changes

Song #2: Goapele – “Strong As Glass”

From the words of Esnavi, “Someday it’s going to be okay! When you open up, your heart, and mind, you’ll find that it’s alright. It’s okay, remember, you got it.”

Happy New Year, and I wish you all the best in 2018!


Founder, Co-Owner & Managing Editor. Corey has experience in the corporate financial services, training, brand development, and when he is not writing he's at home dancing nude with a glass of wine.