Ricky Rebel Is Delivering Rare Candy For All To Enjoy

There is a divo void that I intend to fill. It is my responsibility to carry the male glam pop torch. - Ricky Rebel

April 21, 2016, will forever be remembered as the day we lost an icon, a voice that is distinctive in the music industry, a voice and sound that would be hard to replicate. Younger artists are often inspired by a particular genre or sound and when they sing we’re sometimes brought back to a time and place from the past.

Ricky Rebel is one of those artists that can make you think you’re listening to Prince all over again. We had an exclusive sneak peek at his upcoming video. Let me tell you it’s a winner not only because it reminded us of Prince, but it’s filling the void that only Prince could fill. I am not saying Ricky Rebel can replace Prince but his new single gives us hope that the genre of music Prince created is alive and will live on because of artists like Ricky Rebel.

Ricky’s new video is a blend of Prince, Morris Day, and Sheila E., an era of music that gave us hits like “Purple Rain,” “Jungle Love,” and “Glamorous Life.”

In his first single from his new album, The New Alpha, “If You Were My Baby,” out glam rocker Ricky Rebel sings about how self-confidence is an aphrodisiac and one should never be afraid to ask for what he or she wants from life. Rebel wanted a wide selection of different interpretations of “If You Were My Baby” that would play on any dance floor worldwide, and he got them. The glam rocker releases a perfect ten package of new remixes from some of the biggest DJ/producers on the planet, including Hector Fonseca, Tommie Sunshine and Mr. Mig.

He is also releasing the song’s music video, directed by Daniel Wu and produced by Rare Candy. “I want to sprinkle confidence into every club in the world,” says Ricky Rebel. “Confidence is an asset. It shows leadership and draws people in. I truly believe it is the most attractive quality a person can possess and might just help you land that special person you thought was out of reach.” The remixes of Ricky Rebel’s “If You Were My Baby” release September 7 from Audio4Play, along with the song’s music video.

The original version of “If You Were My Baby,” featured in the song’s music video, has an 80’s Prince sound, and for good reason. Producer Sam Harmonix used the same synth keyboard and sounds that Prince used on his keyboards to produce the song. “I didn’t know it until way after I had recorded the vocals,” Rebel explains. “It’s probably why the track resonates with me so much. I love 80’s glam pop stars like Bowie, George Michael, Michael Jackson, and Prince, all of whom are now gone. There is a divo void that I intend to fill. It is my responsibility to carry the male glam pop torch”.

Fans will notice Rebel relies on his vocal chops a lot more on the track than he has previously. “I think I had something to prove,” he admits. “Sam Harmonix works alongside Grammy award-winning producers and artists! I wanted to impress him with my harmonies and vocal range. You know, prove there’s real talent behind the fierceness.”

The “If You Were My Baby” remixes offer a wide array of different sounds. “Godfather of EDM” Tommie Sunshine gives the track a fun, modern twist that crosses between EDM and club in his mix, while Zambianco presents a cool tribal beat that fitness buffs will enjoy working out too.

Hector Fonseca’s version is straight up club with a Brazilian vibe that sounds tailor-made for the world’s biggest Pride festivals.

The Dirty Werk mix is a pop dance hybrid best suited for straight dance floors, while the SaberZ mix is hard core EDM, perfect for large stadiums.

DJ Hayworth’s track, with its lovely tropical deep house vibe, is the most unique of the remixes while KOIL and Vito Fun’s mix has an urban club vibe that fans of Beyonce will enjoy.

Mr. Mig’s pop remix is probably the closest to Rebel’s original track.

Ricky Rebel burst on the music scene in 1997 as the lead vocalist of the boy-band No Authority. Signed by Michael Jackson to Michael’s MJJ Music label at Sony, he toured with 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child, Aaron Carter, and Ashlee and Jessica Simpson. In 2000, the band moved to Madonna’s Maverick label where they toured with Britney Spears and released their Billboard Top 40 chart hit, “Can I Get Your Number,” produced by the same Mr. Mig featured on the “If You Were My Baby” remix package. Another No Authority song, “I’m Telling You This,” appeared on the Rugrats in Paris soundtrack.

In 2004, No Authority broke up and Ricky became the lead vocalist of the band, Harlow. He also did voice-over work for films Apollo 13, Anywhere But Here, and Anastasia, and appeared on television in episodes of American Dreams, Boston Public, and Audrina.

Ricky went solo as Ricky Rebel in 2012. Since then, he has released two albums, Manipulator featuring hit singles “Geisha Dance,” “Get It On” and “You Need a Woman” and The Blue Album featuring “Star” and “Boys and Sometimes Girls”.

In “Star,” Rebel inspired fans to be the celebrities of their own lives. In “Boys and Sometimes Girls,” he delivered a personal proclamation about his interest in both sexes. The song peaked at #28 on the Billboard Dance Songs Club Chart and world renowned DJ Hector Fonseca — with 15 #1 hit remixes for artists like Sia, Madonna, and Beyonce — produced the “Boys & Sometimes Girls (Remixes)” LP and released it on his label, Audio4Play.

“‘If You Were My Baby’ has its own important message,” says Rebel. “It is about self-assurance, self-love, and to all my Rebel Mafia out there, I say: if you like someone, tell them and make a case as to why you are the best. You might be surprised with the results.”

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