RuPaul and Todrick Hall, New Music and Promotion Overdrive

From RuPaul's new tracks to Todrick Hall's updated Straight Outta Oz, here's Kinkster MAG's take on the flurry of World of Wonder activity.
American RuPaul Genre: Dance Released: March 24, 2017

Out of all of RuPaul’s new tracks, ‘Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent’ is the best one. The beat is right, the concept of the song is brand specific, and it’s a great song for the final video that the top 3 contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race appear in.

We listen to most of the songs from RuPaul’s American and this time around, we could only find one or two songs we like. However, like most RuPaul tracks you have to hear them a FEW times before they grow on you.

And don’t forget to reschedule (reset) your DVRs tonight because Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is no longer on Logo. The show will now appear on VH1. You’ll miss the premiere if you don’t reset your DVR!

From all the promos and introductions of the new queens, do you have a favorite queen yet? We haven’t decided who to pick because sadly this batch of queens have similar looks to many of the past season’s queens, but especially the last two seasons.

The show is becoming a machine with a predictable formula. I am also wondering how well the show will do now that it will be airing on a Friday night. The gay bars will be packed as usual but probably more than ever at the bars who have viewing parties. Start your engines because the drag race begins tonight.

In other World of Wonder related news, this week has been an overload of music. Todrick Hall also released the extended version (Deluxe Version) of Straight Outta Oz, and I hate to say it, but his tracks are so much better than Ru’s.

It’s no surprise Ru is featured on one of Todrick’s tracks, ‘Low’ and it’s one of our favorites. The video is fun so if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. He also updated his track and video ‘Wrong Bitch’ with Bob the Drag Queen. It’s hot with some visually stunning costuming.



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