Sashay Your Ass Forward with DJ Nesto’s ‘Something Old, Something New’

"Something Old, Something New, Play it LOUD, Dance & Share," DJ Nesto's mix is intoxicating
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Out with the old, and in with the new is a saying we hear regularly this time of year. However, it reminds me of another saying, easier said than done.

Replacing the old when there are oh-so-good memories of happiness being out late on the dance floor and fantastic sex hook-ups, are you kidding me; who in the hell wants to erase or replace those with new memories? In my case, each new year is great and they get better, but honestly, when it comes to music, and the sounds and beats we came to love during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, it’s hard to find a replacement.

#KinksterDJs are popping up across the land. We recently bowed down to our 2K18 DJ on the Rise, Bio Zounds who has masterfully mixed sounds of the past. Some of his sounds whisk me away to my past but he gives his mixes new twists into the future, a future sound and vibe that might sound familiar but they’re fresh and new.

Kinkster MAG loves all the DJs who have connected with us and who have been featured, and we’re also proud of each of them because they are paving the way and creating a new era of nightlife that I treasure and desperately hold dear to my heart.

As we close out another year, we are excited to connect, feature, and support more DJs in 2K18, and although we’re not close to wrapping up 2K17, I can not deny the sounds of today and tomorrow that DJ Nesto has pounded hard into my existence.

DJ Nesto is one NYC DJ who is ready to work some pussies in 2K18. If his latest mix ‘Something Old, Something New Vol. 2 12/2017’ posted on Soundcloud is an indication of what’s in store; let Kinkster MAG be the first to say, “We’re ready for DJ Nesto to work our pussy!”

Enjoy this DJ Nesto year-end flashback and pump yourself forward into the new year.

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