Shaping Up Your Hairy Face with Groomarang

Handy dandy tools for our grooming needs are nothing new. Check out Groomarang a Beard Shaping & Styling Template Comb
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When I saw this product from the UK, I had a flashback to the Flowbee. Remember those commercials with kids and adults getting their hair trimmed by a vacuum system? There were different attachments for different lengths and cuts.

Handy dandy tools for our grooming needs are nothing new. Well, here comes Groomarang, a less kitschy and more practical and functional grooming tool. Men with facial hair who do their own shaping and trimming sometimes struggle getting their edges just right. Shaping the beard can also get a little “hairy” sometimes.Groomarang, Shaving, Male Grooming, Men's Beards

Groomarang is here to help get your beard looking fresh and in shape. It is a styling comb developed to be used alongside razors and clippers. It can assist in designing facial hair styles that are clean, fresh, and shaped up. The Groomarang, shaped like a boomerang (get it?), has a two sized comb for use on beards of any length or thickness. There is also a brush end to help with post-trimming clean-up.

When shaping up your edges, the comb can be used as a guide to cut, shave, or trim along the neckline, cheek line, or jaw line for clean, sharp lines. It’s also great for trimming your goatee and eyebrows. The company also indicates there is space enough between the comb’s teeth to cut out lines in your beard or eyebrows.

Groomarang provides free worldwide shipping from the UK. You’ll be set back a mere $17.07 and will need to wait about 5 to 15 days for shipping time.

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