SOFI TUKKER Is the New York-Based Duo You Should Be Listening To

'This track is especially fun because now we have an excuse to perform together, shoot a music video together and generally share the joy of music with some of our favorite people.'

Cruising down the highway, “I don’t give a f*ck about they” are the kind of lyrics that will have you pumping the brakes or souped up. In my case, I rolled down the top of my convertible ready to flip-off the next person who tried to cut me off.


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If you haven’t heard, “F*ck They,” by Sofi Tukker, then you’re in for a treat. Kinkster MAG’s newest obsession had our ears on fire the moment we heard their track and we were asking, “who is they?”

In our pursuit to learn more about Sofi Tukker, we heard of a new single the group recently released, “Best Friend,” and it’s another chart-topper!

If you’re from NYC or have ever visited, “Best Friend” is a track that flawlessly takes you on a musical ride best described by the gritty streets of the East Village. Their track reminds me of those crazy nights with my best-friend when we would jump in a taxi with no destination in mind, only to end up at some dark lounge, or some secret club where all the “it” kids were showing off their latest fashions and listening to the trendiest beats.

The vocals are sultry, but layered with the conversational deep bass vocals, the track becomes captivating and memorable. Plus, if you listen to the song carefully you’ll catch some island flair.

By now, if you’re still asking “who is they,” the New York duo SOFI TUKKER is comprised of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, best-friends making a name for themselves. And we’ve now taken notice.

After two years of releases, a Grammy nomination, performing around the country, and many shenanigans, SOFI TUKKER released their new single “Best Friend,” a retrospective of Sophie and Tucker’s friendship with each other. They’ve become each other’s best friend over the past few years, and are grateful to each other!

“Best Friend” is a celebration of friendship, the kind of friendship where you can talk forever without anything, in particular. If “Sex and the City” were broadcast today, this track might be its theme song. Whether old friends or new friends, the track is in the spirit of friendship. An insider tells us, they had a few of their friends hop on a verse. Now that’s real friendship.

This duo is adorable and we’re especially man-crushing on Tucker! We will be following this pair for sure. Make sure to head over to iTunes and purchase “Best Friend” and our favorite, “F*ck They.”

Be sure to catch SOFI TUKKER live as they round out their string of North American festival performances with Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas before they embark on their headlining European tour in late September followed with fall North American dates supporting ODESZA.


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