Stalkers Beware of Jack’d 4.0

Leading Gay Social App Introduces Brand New Look and Features Emphasizing Increased Speed, Functionality and Safety
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Safety and privacy have always been concerns of mine when using hook up apps like Grindr, Scruff, and Jack’d. I have personally witnessed guys taking screenshots of profiles to either save or share with other guys to compare notes. Once it happened to me, I was frustrated that guys could take a screenshot of my profile for their personal use. Perhaps that was one of the reasons I refuse to send nude photos of myself.

I also decided a long time ago to delete Grindr. I hated that my stalker, yes I said stalker, could track my every move. He also could tell when I was nearby. The scary part was when he started taking photos of my building without knowing where I lived and posting them on Facebook with comments like, “I see you.” Security was a definitely a big concern of mine when I used these apps.

When contacting a few of the apps about my concern, I would get their canned responses. However, it looks like one of the apps is making changes to ensure their users are safe.

I’ve used Jack’d less frequently. They have a new version in which they have disabled the ability for guys to take screenshots while on the app. Now, guys can try pressing and holding the sleep and home buttons on their phones to capture a member’s image — but nothing will happen. It’s a step up in security from the Snapchat app that merely alerts members when a screenshot of their story has been taken and is the latest precaution in Jack’d’s ongoing efforts to increase user safety and privacy. This follows last month’s announcement of a new blurring feature that adds a rounding error to all member coordinates, so users are only given a general idea of a guy’s whereabouts.

“Safety has become a huge priority at Jack’d,” explains Alon Rivel, the app’s Director of Global Marketing. “Earlier this summer, we polled members on what they wanted most out of the next version, and an increase in privacy was at the top of the list. The rise in bullying and hate crimes against the LGBTQ community since the US presidential election has made security a real concern to members throughout the world.”

1.2 million guys use Jack’d, all hoping to find local men to chat, date, and meet. The app consistently ranks among the top four gay social apps in both the App Store and Google Play. 67% of Jack’d members in the United States are between 18-26. Nearly 60% are Black and Latino.

The app has a brand new design and layout. The grid of nearby guys now loads 200 for non-members and no matter how remote the area. For members that go Pro with a paid subscription on Jack’d, 500 guys will load on the grid.

Jack’d 4.0 is live on Android now and will be live on iOS by the end of September 2017. More exciting additions will be rolling out shortly including additional video functions, and the introduction of exclusive Jack’d emojis.

“This is just the beginning of the new Jack’d,” continues Rivel. “We’re listening to members and working to give them more of the exciting features they are asking for.”

Thank you for listening, Jack’d!

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