STOP Talking About Your Ex!

Stop Talking About Your Ex-Boyfriend Already. No seriously. Just stop!
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When you’re on a date, and you’re archaically waiting for the ultimate-date question of death something is wrong. You are either avoiding something or just not ready to commit to the process of dating and to get to know someone new. The question we all hate and would like to hide under the table when asked, “how long was your last relationship and why did it end?”

Beware, this question is a tricky one, and most of us fall into the trap and open up like a bitter…(you get the point). My advice, consider your answer the key to being asked out for a second date. When you answer such a loaded question, you begin to sound like you’re on an episode of Jerry Springer. “He cheated on me.” “It was a relationship filled with dishonesty.” Or the biggie, “We grew apart.”

Let me give you a word of advice; no one wants to sit on a date and hear you complain about how horrible your last relationship was. Nor does your potential love interest wish to hear about how beautiful your relationship was before it ended. Silly, isn’t that why you’re on a date?

Our dating experts strongly advise you to answer the “how long was your last relationship” carefully and “why did it end” questions with caution. Remember it’s the key to your second date.

Let’s be honest; your date isn’t genuinely looking for a truthful response. He is trying to figure out if it’s even worth asking you out on date #2 and if you’re emotionally available. We believe the answer we came up with will have your date surprised and into your self-confidence, uniqueness, and availability. It’s a response we think will have your date begging “you” for a second date. The perfect answer to the question, “how long was your last relationship and why did it end?”

“Aren’t relationships confusing and complex as it is. It just didn’t work out, but I’m more interested in learning about you, rather than discuss ‘Old News!'”

If that doesn’t say, I’m independent, I’ve moved on, and I’m over it, we don’t know what will do it. Plus our suggestion on how to respond should keep your date interested and ready to ask you on a second date.

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