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    ASK JADE: Healthy Eating

    Dear Jade, I just turned 40 last month and my doctor told me that I need to change my eating habits. I’m from the south…Georgia to be exact. And I grew up on fried foods and fast food. He says that I am overweight and diabetic and have high...
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    ASK JADE: Gay, Toronto, Murder and Racism

    Jade,I’m a gay white man in Toronto. Recently, I was watching TV and heard the news that a person had been arrested in the cases of two missing men from the LGBT Community. Then I saw on the news the next day two guys talking outside of the courtroom...
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    Jade Elektra: How to Win Over Your Audience At Every Performance

    DRAG TIP #2 If being a female impersonator is what you desire to do professionally make sure that your music is of the highest in sound quality. You can do whatever type of number you like. Be as creative as you want….but remember that each bar or venue has...
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    ASK JADE: The Truth About Cheaters

    Jade, I recently found out my boyfriend was hooking up with guys on BarebackRT, and I wanted so badly to forgive him but can’t get past it. I want things to go back the way they were, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him writing those messages, having sex...
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    Jade Elektra Dishes Out Drag Tips & Tricks

    DRAG TIP #1 First, I’d like to say that in no way am I saying that I am an expert in the art of female impersonation. I know that there are gonna be some who are gonna take me to task on my opinions about what makes a good...
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    ASK Jade: What Does PrEP Mean for Condom Use?

    Dear Jade, I was talking with a friend about a facebook post. It read “PrEP doesn’t prevent other STI(s). Condoms are still considered the most effective way to prevent them.” I was really surprised at some of the comments. I mean…I totally agreed with the post, but it seemed...