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    Spicing up your life may help you live longer

    Spices have been known all over India and Asia to bring added benefit to ones health. Scientist in the USA have done studies now, to provide information on our health by various spices, which people in other parts of the world have known for centuries. What is the effect...
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    Meatless Monday Has Gone International

    How many Americans eat meat on a daily basis? On average, Americans consume 8 oz of meat per day, 45% more than the USDA recommend. If you give up eating meat at least one day out of the week, you can reduce your risk of chronic and preventable cardiovascular...
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    Don’t Be Afraid of the Green Smoothie

    Having a Green Smoothies is how I begin my morning and start my new day.  I do a yoga and meditation to give thanks to the Universe and Blessings to start my day.  My day begins with a Green Smoothie morning.  Some of the health benefits include: Green Smoothies...
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    Why Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners Are Bad For You

    One of the biggest addiction in America, is the over abuse of sugar and artificial sweetener in the diet. It is the major contributing factor in obesity and diabetes in the USA. I know some of us love sweet food and drinks and once in a while, a good...
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    Why is Avocado a Superfood

    I love Avocados. This fruit is a nutritional powerhouse, and with amazing health benefits for you. I eat an avocado at least 2 to 3 times a week. I put it in my green smoothie and salad, and as a vegetarian it is my replacement for meat. Avocado has...
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    What You Need To Know About GMO’S

    According to the World Health Organization, (GMO’S) the term Genetically Modified Organisms is used to describe any living thing, such as animals, plants, or bacterias, that has had its genetic material (DNA) “altered in a way that does not occur naturally.” In March 2013, Whole Foods Market announce they...