The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

"Hey, no one ever said getting an awesome, healthy body was easy—that's why the word work is in working out."
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Everyone talks about joining the gym for the new year, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do. However, I found an article that’s right on time; it’s a unique approach to finding the best workout style and place for you. The article’s recommendations are based on a person’s zodiac sign.

Normally, I am not a fan of Zodiac articles; I believe they can be misleading and provide a false sense of hope. However, after reading my astrological sign (Cancer) and due to the nature of the article, I believe it offered some value. I do think there is some truth to astrology and the characteristics associated with the signs of the zodiac which is why I wanted to share “The Best Workout for your Zodiac sign.”

Based on the article, Cancers “are the homebodies of the astrological world—they’d rather stay in than go to any fancy gym or studio. You tend to compare yourself to others, so gyms filled with hard bodies may not be good environments for you anyway. Fluid motion is best, and because of your love of routine and your consistent, tenacious nature, you’re great at self-motivating.”

In a nutshell, their description FITS to A-T, and the best workout described for my astrological sign is doable, and something I would be willing to try. “Yoga DVDs that you can om to in the comfort of your living room, particularly flow-style workouts. There are endless options to choose from, and with your driven nature, you’ll probably want to try them all. (Of course, with your connection to water, swimming is great for your sign, too.)”

However, if you’re a die-hard, and are convinced that joining a gym is the thing for you, a friend who works at NYSC Sports Clubs suggests, “many are unaware their healthcare plans offer reimbursement towards their membership dues.” He also added, “it’s best to contact your healthcare provider and find out what they offer.” From his professional experience, members have received anywhere from $50 to $200 every 6-months, and that’s a savings. Who doesn’t like to save money?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is no longer a trend; it is a necessity. If you’re interested in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle in 2017, make sure you follow Beverly Facey, our Sr. Health & Wellness Contributing Author.


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