The Hound’s Debut Single Is Here: ‘Can’t Let You Go’

“Being human means making mistakes. There are going to be times we make decisions even though we know they’re wrong. There are going to be times we hear that voice of reason and consciously choose to ignore it." - The Hound

I’m asked to listen to music regularly, and sometimes I overlook artists who should have my undivided attention. The Hound is one of those artists who went unheard until now.

The Hounds, Music News, Can't Let You Go“Can’t Let You Go,” the first single from The Hound’s upcoming album, is electronic pop with a passionate, heartfelt message about the dangers of a toxic love. His vocals masterfully blend with the harmony of the beat and are filled with passion. Love is dangerous, and if we’re not careful, it can be an addiction we can’t let go of because it feels so good even when it’s wrong.

The Hound admits to being in a low place in life when creating the song. “I didn’t know what I wanted anymore,” he explains. “I was very depressed and found myself in an incredibly toxic relationship with someone who suffered extreme highs and lows, and I was coming to terms with the fact that just because it’s love, doesn’t make it right. People also love heroin and meth, and he was definitely like a drug to me. It took everything falling apart for me to walk away finally.”

“One of the lyrics that means the most to him is ‘I could see the end, but it was easier to pretend, that we’d make it out alive and I wouldn’t lose a friend,’” continues The Hound from his LA home. “There’s this awareness that the relationship would eventually fall apart, but until it did, things could be swept under the rug.”

I tell my friends all the time that love is blind, and we swept things under the rug until we remove our rose-colored glasses, a theme he explores in the “Can’t Let You Go” music video, co-directed by The Hound and Adrian Anchondo and starring adult film performer Adam Ramzi.

The video draws inspiration from Alanis Morissette’s “Your House.” “I wanted the viewer to think at first, that they were watching me moving around my apartment, burdened by memories. Suddenly, they realize that it’s not my place, that I’ve broken into the home of my ex who is now with someone else,” says The Hound.

“One thing I have learned is that whether it’s with a lover, a friend, or family, relationships define us. Sometimes it’s the people who have been in our lives the longest that we need to walk away from. The change can be difficult, and we struggle with who we are without them. The worst ones can be impossible to let go of.”

The music video — banned from advertising on Instagram for being “too sexually explicit” — features choreography by Andrew Pearson and some incredible dance moves by adult film star Adam Ramzi.

“Adam brings the relationship to life in the video,” says The Hound.  “There were a few scenes that we kept doing over and over again and it got so very real. I could tell we were both channeling some true life experiences.  We were both very vulnerable during the shoot, and I think maybe I fell in love just a little bit. I mean, you’ve seen his other work, right?”

I am happy I took the time to listen and watch, “Can’t Let You Go,” because I have a new addiction, The Hound.  I think maybe I fell in love just a little bit.

The Hound’s “Can’t Let You Go” is available on iTunes


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