The Saint At Large® Announces DJ Line-Up for Rites XXXIX: The Black Party®

NYC's intense, immersive and infamous fetish ball announces its line up of DJs for 2018

Calling all Pigs, Leathermen, Kinksters, and anyone else in between to the dance floor!

New York City might be faced with its 4th nor’easter of the season but this year’s DJ line-up for Rites XXXIX: The Black Party®, NYC’s Intense, Immersive and Infamous Fetish Ball, will make you scream “Oink.”  The producers of Rites XXXIX: The Black Party, The Saint At Large continues to maintain its formidable legacy of world-class DJs. This year’s event is no exception.

From the mid to late 90’s, the Black Party was an annual event and what would be the kick off for spring.  In 2017, TimeOut wrote, “The Black Party in NYC is one of the best things to do in spring, and over 5,000 of the city’s most daring men will bring their wildest, skimpiest, and kinkiest looks,” and nothing has changed.  The Black Party is an experience and something you should experience at least once or twice, heck a few times.  I say that not because of the sex shows or the hottest guys in leather gear walking around, but for the mere fact that the Black Party is part of gay culture, a culture that is under appreciated.

This statement from a March 2017 TimeOut article on the Black Party written by Ethan LaCroix stands out the most. It’s also one I agree with wholeheartedly, “…you can dress in full fetish gear or come as you are—so long as you feel sexy and don’t make an ass of yourself…”

Plus, each year they showcase a lineup of DJs who each bring their own lustful, raunchy, kink-alious sound to the party.  I’ve written this before, when a DJ makes me want to have sex, ask for a bump (my past life), or dance until I am horny enough to hit the sex club afterwards, they’ve done their job.  This year’s list is sickening and already has me planning what Kinkster gear to wear!

DJ Bios (credit to Popular Publicity)

(Batty Bass) New York City

Fatherhood is the perfect union of Michael Magnan and Physical Therapy; wherein two New York stalwarts join together to play a joyous high-energy take on house and techno. With many years of experience between the two, Fatherhood provides responsible selecting prowess and parental party guidance. They are known for their long ecstatic sets in NYC and Europe at venues like Berlin’s Panorama Bar.

Chris Cruse
(Spotlight) Los Angeles

Chris Cruse is a Los Angeles-based DJ whose sound is equally influenced by dark warehouses and West Coast sunshine. Frequently playing events in the US and Europe, his mainstay is a party of his creation, Spotlight, which aims to reclaim and celebrate the queer roots of house, techno, disco, and other forms of dance music. Despite abstaining from social media promotion and discouraging dance floor photography, Cruse’s Spotlight has quietly become the go-to event for underground music in LA thanks to its anything-goes vibe and consistent global bookings. 

Eddie Elias
(Verve) San Diego

Ever since Eddie Elias played his first professional gig in 2000, the now San Diego-based, Dominican-born DJ has been wowing audiences in New York City and around the country with his unique sound and masterful mixing. Deep, progressive grooves are the foundation upon which Eddie builds his sets; where he goes from there depends on the crowd and his remarkably keen instincts. Whether he’s dramatically layering an improbable number of tracks during a peak hour performance before a crowd of thousands or working a single favorite record with focused precision at a more intimate after-hours, a night on his dance floor is one that won’t soon be forgotten.

Massimiliano Pagliara
(Ostgut Ton) Berlin

Massimiliano Pagliara was born in Tricase (Lecce) in the deep south of Italy. As a child, he listened to diverse types of music: rap, classical, reggae, dub and 60s rock’n’roll. Coming from this small village, he and his friends created a small musical world for themselves, spending time every day playing records in his basement and at private parties. Today, Massi spins at some of the most popular underground venues in Germany (among them Tape Club, Berghain/Panorama Bar, SchwuZ, Tresor (Berlin) as well as playing across the world. Massi describes his style as an eclectic mix of house, disco, electro, and techno – one may call it current-yet-classic. DJing has since led to production, these days Massi has been collaborating with luminaries such as Gui.Tar, Snax, Lemercier & The Lala by, Molly Nilsson and Discodromo.

Danny Krivit
(718 Sessions) New York City

A New York DJ veteran with an endless list of credentials, Danny Krivit has been involved in his city’s dance/club scene since childhood and has had a profound impact upon it. In 1971, he began DJing at The Ninth Circle in the West Village and, as a regular at The Loft, began lifelong friendships with DJs David Mancuso and Larry Levan. Throughout the 80s the list of clubs he played at grew to include Area, Danceteria, The Limelight, Save The Robots, Tracks, The Tunnel, The World, and a guest spot at the legendary Paradise Garage. Moving into the 90s, Danny commanded legendary status amongst young and old, DJing at Mars, Palladium, Shelter, Sound Factory Bar, Twilo, and The Loft. At its inception in 1996, Danny joined the Body and Soul team and has regularly played the party ever since. Since 2002, Krivit has been resident DJ at NYC’s soulful phenomenon, 718 Sessions.

Lead video credit Edward Murillo Moreno for Kinkster NYC powered by Kinkster MAG.

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