The Ultimate Head Shaving Tips

Taking the appropriate steps and using quality products will have your head feeling and looking great.
Head Shaving Tips

Having a shaved head look is no longer a trend but a norm. Men have been shaving their heads for the last decade. It’s a style I have been rocking since high school. I started rocking the look because I hated the fact that I was going bald.

The bald-outline was so noticeable that I had to do something. When I started shaving my head, I used disposable razors and generic shaving cream but the result was unsightly since I would have cut-marks after the fact.

Over time, I realized the importance of selecting the right products to improve the quality and the experience of shaving my head. By incorporating a few steps even before the razor touches my head I can improve my shaving experience.

Depending on the length of my hair, I use a trimmer first. This process makes it easier to achieve the smoothest shaved head as possible. Next, I wet the hair to hydrate it. Other sources suggest using shampoo, however, water, in my opinion, works just fine.

Then I apply Lab Series, Maximum Comfort Shave Cream. Before I started using Lab Series, I would use your typical shaving cream, however, after using Lab Series, I will never use anything else. It’s smooth, and because it is fragrance-free, there is no burning. You don’t have to use much because of its rich blend.

Your choice of razor is up to you. For a better shaving experience, I recommend the Schick Hydro 5, also available for those who have sensitive skin.

Shave in the direction that is most comfortable for you. However, shaving in the direction the hair grows is highly recommended. I also go against the grain, and when I do, I don’t have to shave again for an extra day or so.

From personal experience, by using the Schick Hydro with the Lab Series Shaving Cream, the razor guilds easier across the scalp. It’s an unbelievable shaving experience.

Rinse off any excess shaving cream and pat dry.

The final step and the most important one is moisturizing. I highly recommend using, Lab Series 3-in-1 Post Shave. It’s that final touch that hydrates the scalp even more. Plus, you don’t want to skip this step because it helps calm the skin/scalp down after shaving.


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