The World’s First App Controlled Robotic Bartender

"Today, booze is all about the science. And it turns out that one of the biggest players in that science is ice."

If you’re not a professional mixologist, making your favorite mixed drinks at home can become a chore. The perfect mixture for the perfect drink is more than splashing some Coke over some Rum.

Mixology is an art form, and all about the science of mixing the perfect cocktail. No matter how hard you try at home, mastering the perfect cocktail seems impossible. Luckily, the robotic bartender, Somabar, is coming to save the day. The new invention promises to make the science of mixology as easy as pressing a button. Reports indicate it’s a bit larger than the Keurig, and similarly dispenses beverages in about 5 seconds.

The Somabar comes with an app with over 300 cocktails to choose from. You can also create customized drinks and then upload and share them. From the app, you can select your favorite drink and the strength, and it dispenses the drink.

A private bartender at home sounds heavenly!

Nowadays, Kickstarter is how many tech products funnel into the marketplace. It’s not surprising that the Somabar raised over $300,000 and is one of the most successful products on Kickstarter. You can pre-order your Somabar today, and it will arrive sometime this year. In my opinion, it’s worth the wait, although, you will be shelling out a whopping $429.

To find out more about our Fiery Find, Somabar Kickstarter

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