Trans Artist Epiphany Mattel Releases Explosive New Single, #FIXYOFACE

I'm Epiphany Mattel 24/7/365. The way you see me on stage is the same way you see me when I'm off. -- Epiphany Mattel

Just over two years ago Kinkster MAG interviewed drag sensation Latrice Royale who shared with us her plans to move into talent management. Straight shooting hip-hop trans artist Epiphany Mattel is one of those talents who has just released her new single “#FIXYOFACE”.

Epiphany Mattel, Music News, Latrice Royale, Drag Race, Transgender Hip-Hop ArtistEpiphany first met Latrice Royale through a mutual friend when Royale was seeking a feature rapper for her song, “Weight”. “We instantly clicked like we’d known each other for years,” Epiphany remembers.

Latrice Royale would eventually take Epiphany Mattel under her wing, becoming her manager and guiding Epiphany’s new rap career. “She recognized that a trans woman doing hip-hop offered a different point of view from anything else out there. I can be as sexy as any cis chick in the game and as hard as any male: I’m the best of both worlds.” Royale fills a maternal role in Epiphany’s life. “She’s my own chunky but funky fairy godmother.”

Epiphany feels Royale understands her as a trans woman and how important it is for her to be seen and respected for being trans. One of her biggest irks is often being mistaken for a drag queen.

“I have nothing against drag queens. I count so many of them as sisters. It’s just not my reality,” Epiphany Mattel explains. “I’m not a character. I can’t take Epiphany Mattel off at the end of the night and find comfort in some other existence. I’m Epiphany Mattel 24/7/365. The way you see me on stage is the same way you see me when I’m off.”

In her new single, “#FIXYOFACE” Epiphany takes aim at pretty people who make themselves ugly by refusing to wear the most important accessory — a smile. The track is a beat-driven hip-hop club banger with an important message. “It’s about everyone going above and beyond with their appearance to stand out and be noticed at clubs today, but then they bring their scowl, a ‘resting bitch face,’ that makes them unapproachable,” explains Mattel. “They’re so insecure with themselves, they push that negative energy on the rest of the party and make everyone else uncomfortable. It’s a party bitches… lighten the hell up.” Along with the track, Epiphany Mattel has released a music video for “#FIXYOFACE,” directed by Assad Yacoub, the director of the hit film, Cherry Pop.

There is meaning to be found in Epiphany’s music. She hopes that fans realize they are not alone. “That there is someone out there that goes through the same bullshit they do. I hope they hear a voice representing them and their experience. I also hope that by listening to my music, they learn how to finesse their way through adversity, and if not, that at least they walk away with some sickening reads and one-liners.”

“#FIXYOFACE,” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all digital platforms.

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