Twisted Dee Martello’s New Mix Will Seriously Make You Get Up and Dance

Start your engines, Twisted Dee Martello is twisted with her circuit boy beats!
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DJs send mixes to Kinkster MAG all the time. Some we like yet some we can’t groove to because there is some element missing. As a native New Yorker who was a circuit boy in his past life, there certain elements I listen for when DJs send us a mix for review.

The first question: Is this something the boys in NYC will listen too? The second question: Is this something I want to dance to when the lights are low. Lastly: Is this a mix that makes me want to dance, have sex, PNP (my past life), or stay at the club an extra hour after exhaustion has hit.

Well, kiddies, Dee Martello has turned us out with her “Twisted Dee Martello – LateNite Sessions Vol. 1.” I thought I was taking a club break to give my ears a rest, but I guess my ears know when they hear new beats sickening enough that I want to post about it, immediately after hearing them.

Dee’s productions and mixes reached the Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart many times and include her own track, Twisted Dee’s “Drop That Beat” and most notably Lisa Hunt’s “Joint is Jumpin” which was featured in a final episode of Queer as Folk.

Dee’s most recent accomplishments are the Billboard #1 Dance remix of Madonna –Bitch I’m Madonna, Fantine – What A Day (Billboard Top 5), Gloria Estefan’s ͞Hotel Nacional (Billboard #1), Amuka –͞Destination (Billboard #6), and Debby Holiday’s Never Give Up (Billboard #9).

Dee has remixed many other artists including Beyonce, RuPaul, Charo, Paulina Rubio, Nelly Furtado, Michael Jackson, The Killers, The Disco Biscuits, Inaya Day, Amuka, Jason Dottley, T. Mills, Kimberly Davis, and Fall Out Boy. Dee is currently on the Billboard charts again with several projects, including her own original project called Be Magical, the One Magical Weekend͛ theme song, written with and performed by Amuka!

Here are two favorite mixes we found and since we recently discovered Twisted Dee, we have more to uncover, stay tuned.

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