What Is Your Orgasm Face?

Stuart Sandford is a London-based photographer whose work explores intimacy and sexuality.
Orgasm, Gay Men & Sex, Stuart Sanford, Cumfaces
Photo Credit: Stuart Sanford - Cumfaces

Our orgasm face is something we either are embarrassed by or struggle to hide during a climax, an intense moment. It can also be a moment when two people connect. Our facial expressions can tell the full story; a story filled with the truth whether or not sex was good.

What good sex is may be debatable but our facial expressions tell the real story. Stuart Sandford is a London-based photographer whose work explores intimacy and sexuality. His 2007 series Cumfaces, consists of a bunch of photos of crowd-sourced models orgasming.

Orgasm, Gay Men & Sex, Stuart Sanford, CumfacesThe images he captured are not only raw but an accurate representation of how we end up looking after we’ve reached a climax that we either consider pleasurable or satisfying.

During an interview on Vice.com, Sanford explains the reason behind the title of his collection of photos, “It was almost like looking at selfies. I was thinking about selfies. I’ve been thinking a lot about selfies in my recent work, so I wanted to focus on just the one person, and it was kind of the perfect way to do that. This was the first project where I worked with this idea.”

We learned so much about Sanford and his attempt to capture a moment during sex that others would find tight-lipped and kinky. However, he also shares that “People express their sexualities in very different manners. I just say it’s a very intimate moment, so some people are quite exhibitionist with it. One I included, I think it is the one with the blond hair, he has his head back in an ecstatic moment. But there are a couple of others who are slightly more reserved. They’re still enjoying themselves, but they’re not necessarily throwing their head back and howling. We all have different ways that we like to respond to that moment.”

Our sexual, facial expressions during and after sex can be classic. We’ve all witnessed that moment when someone we’ve slept with reaches a moment of ecstasy; a moment where we’re with someone but not with them. Ecstasy is a feeling of pleasure we all strive to achieve during sex, and our facial expressions may sometimes add a bit of entertainment to the whole experience.

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