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Do size and shape really matter? Most of us would probably say no in the grand scheme of our relationships, but when it comes down to pure satisfaction in...
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Do size and shape really matter?

Most of us would probably say no in the grand scheme of our relationships, but when it comes down to pure satisfaction in the bedroom, I bet that answer would change. We’ve all said, “it’s not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean.” Can this statement still be true if you can’t feel it? Don’t we all want that moment during sex where we feel so complete when our partner fills us with his manhood? It can be a physical reminder that you are meant for each other because you fit together like a glove unless of course, he’s TOO big and you don’t like big penises.

If you are only in the relationship for the sex, and size or shape doesn’t matter to you, then I think most of us would agree that “the motion of the ocean” could become an accurate statement because you will still get the pleasure you are looking for from other sexual interactions.

If a man suffers from small or crooked penis syndrome and size is important to his partner, then he can always learn how to use his tongue and fingers in other ways to provide the proper satisfaction. There are books he can read, and videos he can watch to help him master his oral skills so he can engage his partner in other techniques. The tongue and fingers can do wonderful things during sex, as can vibrators and other sex toys. You could literally be using a vibrator or your tongue on someone while you enter them and they would never notice if your penis was too big or too small because they would be distracted by the other pleasures you are giving them.

If you’re looking for more than a good old-fashioned roll in the hay, sometimes the use of oral sex can bring two people closer together. There are some statistics that show that people engaging in oral sex with their partners have longer-lasting relationships. Reasons for this can be because one person loves giving more than receiving and if they’re allowed to give this pleasure to their partner, it provides a certain closeness to them that not only becomes physical but also emotional.

However, that being said, if a person sucks (wink, wink) at giving oral stimulation, and his partner is more of a receiver then the relationship doesn’t stand a chance. There needs to be a skill level of sorts when giving oral stimulation so you can avoid hurting your partner by being too rough. Most men are judged by how good or bad they are at oral, and these judgments can go deeper than just physical. If you are a receiver of oral stimulation you most likely are looking for someone who can commit to giving it good and you’ll return for more if it is good. But what’s the deal with always receiving? Have you ever come across a guy who doesn’t ever want to give oral? Some men may think it’s too personal to give and want to avoid being stuck in an emotional roller coaster with someone who wants more. If you really want to make a statement up front that you are in it for the long haul then a training course in giving grand oral sex may be necessary.

Maybe neither the size of the ship nor the motion of the ocean matters to you. Maybe it’s whether the Captain stays in port long enough for all passengers to get off. You decide.

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