Willam Taught Me How To Suck Less and Now it’s Your Turn

"There is something absolutely undeniable about her charisma, wit, style, cuntiness, and beauty (not necessarily in that order)." - Neil Patrick Harris
Willam, RuPaul's Drag Race, Book,
Photo Credit: Mathu Andersen

Lately, I have no luck meeting a guy who doesn’t suck but who can suck like a pro (wink, wink). That may be crass, but it’s true. Just the other day I was flipping through Willam’s new book, Suck Less: Where There’s a Willam, There’s a Way, who has been a friend (in my head) since RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Willam, RuPaul's Drag Race, Book,

Photo Credit: Mathu Andersen

She was my favorite, and personally I believe she would have won but in good ole’ Willam fashion, she become part of a scandal. Being so scandalous is one of the reasons I have been a super fan for so long. Anyone who can be honest, hold their head up high even during times of adversity and challenge, and turn “misfortune” into a bankroll, minus the 60K agent, lawyer, and wig fees (a reference that will make sense after you watch her YouTube video, ‘Read Her’), and turn themselves into a media and entertainment powerhouse is worthy of my admiration.

Willam came into my living room and she never left. Her comedic timing is nothing other than perfection. She knows how to suck less and how to get those checks signed on the dotted line!

If you’re not familiar with Willam, you’ve been living under a rock and at this point you need to pay close attention and go out and purchase her book and be schooled on how to suck less because you suck right now for not knowing who she is!

Willam’s passion for success is the reason I have been following her career beyond RuPaul’s Drag Race. We’ve seen enough reality and competition shows that some of the cast are referred to as breakout stars but in Willam’s case, it’s far from the truth because she was already a star.

Her distinct style of charm, outrageous personality, and beauty can’t be duplicated so I was excited when she made time to chat with me about drag as a business, life, and our presidential candidates who could suck less!

Congratulations on your book. Before I ask about Suck Less, I have to say thank you for your “Boy is a Bottom” video! When I first watched it I about crapped myself because it was so hysterical! But I was surprised (kinda) to recently read that you can’t / won’t / don’t perform the English version solo any more, or something along those lines. Care to elaborate on that?

I just sang it in Las Vegas at Señor Frogs brunch show yesterday. I may joke about not singing it cause of DWV’s disbandment but I’ll never completely bottom out. I wrote the whole thing (other than the rap) and love performing it (trivia: It was about a really bad three-way my husband and I had with a guy from his gay basketball league).

Okay, now on to your book, Suck Less: Where There’s a Willam, There’s a Way. We hope you are not tired of this question yet, but why a book and why now?

For the first time ever, I felt like I had knowledge that was useful cause NPH was asking me to help with drag when he was prepping for Hedwig like I was some kinda expert. So I expanded on a few of the things I taught him and voila- BOOK.

You’ve been around and are now sharing some tips for us to Suck Less, but through the process of bringing this book to fruition, what was at least one thing you learned that we won’t find in the book?

Correct grammar. There’s a fuckload of typos. I’m a drag queen, not a scientist.

I read some of your tips for fucking with people and one of them recommends not slashing all four tires on a vehicle because insurance usually covers the cost when it’s all four, but it would be out of pocket if it’s just one. Dear lord, you are a conniving, evil somebody, aren’t you? What’s the story behind you’re knowing this?

I used to be a really terrible person. Now I’m just an asshole. But yea. I know this because….well, let’s just say I’ve been fucking a lawyer for a decade and I know my way around a lotta loopholes. Holes in general.

Willam, RuPaul's Drag Race, Book,

Photo Credit: Mathu Andersen

What can both of the current presidential nominees do to “Suck Less?”

Kill themselves. I want Michelle Obama to be Queen especially after she wore that copper Atelier Versace number last week.

When and where can we see you in NYC?

I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble at FIT Nov 1 at 5pm for a signing and Brandon Voss’s Halloween Party at Madame Tussauds on Oct 29 (Voss Events).

You can take this anywhere you want and we probably won’t be surprised, but we like to ask our interviewees the following question, “What is something you have done that would be considered edgy, unconventional, or tight-lipped?”

I got my asshole lasered to get rid of the hair. I was certainly tightlipped when that was happening. Butthole lasers don’t play. I was puckered solid.


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