Zhana Roiya Returns to the Dance Floor with ‘U Sexy Mutha U’

'U Sexy Mutha U' continues our quest to release richer, well-written and more complex tracks, says Matt Consola of Swishcraft Music
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The other day I was scrolling through my selfies and the first thing I thought to myself, “U Sexy Mutha U!” You might laugh, but it’s honestly the truth; I even posted it on my personal Facebook page.

Days later, I find out that club voice sensation Zhana Roiya is back with a dance floor track entitled, “U Sexy Mutha U.” It’s her follow-up to last summer’s “Lick Me Up,” her #1 Billboard smash produced by Tony Moran and Dani Toro.

“‘U Sexy Mutha U’ continues our quest to release richer, well-written and more complex tracks that are not simply flash in the pans but have the ability to stick around for years,” said Matt Consola of Swishcraft Music, the label releasing the single.

Those of us who love her voice can immediately identify this powerhouse of a club voice.“U Sexy Mutha U” is the first collaboration between producer/songwriter/remixer DJ Barry Huffine (Maroon 5, Kat Graham, The Housekeeperz) and songwriter/producer Stevie F, a former collaborator of Shep Pettibone who has had his hand in the writing, production or remixing of some of the most prominent early dance and radio hits for Madonna, Labelle, Real McCoy, and other leading artists.

“I had wanted to work with Zhana on a project for years” adds Huffine. “Everyone in the Dance Music scene knows how she’s able to deliver a lead vocal that’s on point with sweet harmonies that are simply amazing.”

When it comes to Zhana Roiya’s vocals, we have to agree with Consola, “If club fans had any idea how many club hits Zhana’s been on through 90’s and 2000’s, under various names, it would blow them away.”

Zhana is also on the track, “They Don’t See” from Aviance Records. If you haven’t heard or seen the acoustic version on YouTube, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

When we asked Consola about remixing the track, here is what he had to say, “Remixing is often the hardest part of putting out a dance single. All too often, labels release a slew of remixes in various genres just to try to force their way to every different type of dance floor, from Deep House to Tech House, EDM, Nu-Disco, and Circuit. While that’s all part of trying to make a dance hit, few songs lend themselves to so many genres.”

Consola added, “Each mix offers an interpretation that takes the original into new and exciting territories. Clubs need a song like ‘U Sexy Mutha U’ right now because current global affairs are so dark and bleak. All this division is taking a toll. We need uplifting music we can escape into, and like the great Inaya Day says, sometimes you need to ‘Take Your Problems to The Dance Floor,'” he laughs.

We caught up with Zhana and asked her about the track and where the concept came from. She said, “Believe it or not, I first heard the hook of ‘U Sexy Mutha U’ in a dream. As soon as I woke up, I recorded it on my phone and waited for the opportunity when I could lay down the track in a studio. I know in my heart that ‘U Sexy Mutha U’ will be a song to define the year ahead.”

The steamy song releases February 9th, just in time for Valentine’s Day!


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